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A Virtual Family Office customized to the needs of the high net worth client.

The top three specialty areas in which high net worth individuals seek advice is tax planning, estate planning, and investment planning. This is accomplished by working with professionals such as an accountant or CPA, an estate planning attorney, and other specialized professionals such as:

A corporate fiduciary

Third-party investment consultants (for asset allocation and checking due diligence of asset managers)

A liquidity manager (to handle the likely large assets, such as yachts, multiple homes, and private aircraft), and

A specialty advisor, such as an art advisor or a classic car advisor.

This teamwork is a winning formula allowing us to alleviate the obligation to manage all of a client’s assets.

Charge Forward

Life Simplified

Family Office built for flexibility. Optimize your TIME to pursue what matters most.

Wealth Management

Liquidity & Exit Planning

Tax Strategies

Public & Private Investments

Private Banking

Legal, Estate & Philanthropy

Family Governance & Education

Lifestyle & Wellness

Personal Wealth Management
& Retirement Planning

Financial Planning

Risk Management

Investment Planning

Income Tax Planning for the Family

Estate & Legacy Planning


Private Wealth Management

Independent Advice

Free from proprietary investments. Free from large Wallstreet banking and investment firm influence.

Private means Personal

Work directly with those responsible for investment decisions. Complete responsibility and accountability for every move.

Your Next Venture

Focused on wealth creation, exponential and disruptive technologies, and unique investments.

Business Owners
& Entrepreneurs

The legal forms of conducting business

Retirement Plans

Property and Liability Risk Issues

Personal, Security, and Professional Risks

Life and Disability Insurance

Involuntary and Voluntary Exit Planning




Discuss and set proper expectations.



Costs and fees fully disclosed, conflicts of interest eliminated and disclosed.



We work for you. Your interests are our guiding principles.

C-Suite Executives

Maximizing the after-tax impact income and benefits

Understanding nonqualified plan options

Negotiating for benefits tailored to your needs, including severance plans

Personal, Security, and Professional Risks

Minimizing Taxes through advanced Gift and Estate Planning Strategies

Investing the Way it should be

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